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Hey guys Ganja here, as some of you may know, the current host i use is going to be shutting down at the end of the month, i am currently looking for a new server host. So depending on what my host says, we may have to do a fresh restart if we switch host, Don't worry those of you who donated will be receiving your ranks back and also the player ranks. Idk if this will be the case yet so stay tuned for updates

As some of you may know i will not be back on the server until prob Monday, My Pc fell off my desk and well im sure you can figure it out. Soo i ordered a new AlienWare Pc which will be here Sat. BUT i work from 4p.m-Noon sunday so ya. Until then Myah is in charge any questions she is there to help, message me on skype for any questions! See ya guys

Hello Stp as you guys know we are awaiting the stable version of 1.7.2 BEFORE we update, make sure NOT to update until you see here to do so! Also starting today until fri for halloween EVERYTHING in the shop will be 30% with the coupon code STP. This includes money,items, commands everything.

Hey Guys READ ME!

GanjaMaster23 a posted Oct 14, 13
Whats going on Stp! Thanks to you guys doing such a great job and getting more players, we have upgraded from a 8Gb server to a 16Gb dedicated! My goal is to get more daily players on and when we do i will be adding minigames, such as Splegg,hunger games,tnt run, walls, ect. So keep getting more players on! Also the next thing. the NEXT person who donates to the server will receive a EXTRA 25,000 this only applies on Donation ranks. Also be looking out for a Coupon code for donation ranks SOON!



GanjaMaster23 a posted Oct 12, 13
Hello, for those of you that have been picked for staff, i have noticed some of you have failed to meet the requirements that before you applied were told you HAD to meet, those ppl (you know who you are) have a week to bring meet those requirements, and if you fail to do them again you will be relieved of your staff duties and they will given to someone who deserves them, on another note if you have FLY/CREATIVE if you are caught using either in skyblock, you will lose the ability to play skyblock... thank you

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